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About The Bella Bean - An Online Boutique
Welcome to The Bella Bean! If you're new around here, we're so glad that you've found us! If you're one of our loyal customers, thank you! You're the reason we're here!
Kelly, the owner of The Bella Bean, finds so much joy in classically dressing your children! As a mother of three, she opened the business when she was pregnant with her middle child, Katherine. You'll find her approach is a little different than most - if she wouldn't dress her own children in the clothing then you won't see it in the shop. Children have such a small window of time when you can "influence" what they wear- dress them darling!
Psst...have you ever wondered about the significance of "The Bella Bean" name? Kelly and her husband John had a beloved Golden Retriever that they called "Bella Bean". Her sweet profile always brings a smile!
The Bella Bean