Summertime with your kids is something you will remember forever! It will be something to look back on fondly when you're sending them off to college, walking them down the aisle and expecting your first grandchild. Why not make it more special and document it in a unique way?
We came across some ideas on how you can document your Summer memories! Check them out and please share any ideas you have tried! 
Start a blog - It's the digital age after all! Start a blog with images, shared memories and little notes even if it's just for you and your family to remember. There are several platforms to get started and all very user-friendly! This is something you can share with others and keep it going for years to come! 
Create a playlist - Start tracking the music you listen to with your kids and songs that remind you of great Summer activities. Keep it going and listen to it often. Music is always great for remembering and it's something you can share with your kids too! Spotify is great for this. 
Old fashioned scrap book - Sometimes you just need an old fashioned scrap! This is a fun activity for the whole family and something you share with everyone involved. Start keeping things from the Summer whether it be a brochure from a local exhibit or play you attended or just a fun drawing your children drew for you. You definitely won't regret keeping it all together and decorating each page. 
Memory boxes - A bit on the same page as a scrapbook but this time all set in a box neatly. You can label the boxes and keep them in storage to look at later. It's like a time capsule of memories from each Summer. 
Personalized greeting cards - Put together a collage of photos from the Summer and have them printed on a personalized greeting card. They can be sent out whenever you like but as we all know the holidays will be here before you know it! 
Personalized photo jewelry - This is one of our favorites that we came across! Take all the photos you like this Summer and at the end have your favorite made into a unique piece of jewelry. We hear lockets are back in fashion so why not get on with the trend? 


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