The kids are out of school and Summer seems to be in full swing! Personally, we couldn't be happier! However, this time of year always offers us little time to choose and prepare fun things to do with our kids all Summer. We took some time to think about activities we love from our childhoods and some new things we would like to experience with our children. We thought it might help you fill your Summer with fun too! Here are some of our favorites and we would love to hear from you! What are some favorites that we didn't list? 
1 - Get out in nature! Have a picnic at a National Park or take your kids on a hiking trail. This is the perfect activity with no screen time! 
2 - Backyard camping & stargazing - who said you have to drive for miles for a great campsite? Make a staycation out of it and enjoy the Summer nights!
3 - Make ice cream! We all know kids love ice cream. Why not make it a fun activity at home where you have more control over the ingredients and flavors?
4 - Hunt for treasure on a beach - Whether it's sea life or shells you're looking for this is a fun way to spend a day at the beach!
5 - Run in the sprinkler - not by a beach? The sprinkler will do! 
6 - Eat blackberries growing in the wild - take your kids to a local farm where they can learn about the ins and outs but also pick their own fruit. 
7 - Watch the sun wake up - let's be honest, Moms, we watch the sun wake up a lot but why not do it on a hike or with the kids. It will help them appreciate nature as they grow up! 
8 - Plant a garden and watch it grow all Summer long! 
Pixel Dot Tracking9 -  Have a themed party like a luau for the neighbors! It will be fun for both kids and adults! 
10 - Take them to a museum and make the day out of it! Drive to your nearest city and check out some culture! Grab lunch somewhere fun and make the most out of your city adventure! 


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