Celebrating America is something that the owners of The Bella Bean, Kelly and Marisa, take very seriously! As children, they both have such fond memories of celebrating Independence Day with their families and have strived to keep the traditions alive with their own little ones! Living in the quintessential town of Upper Arlington makes celebrating for the 4th so easy because there is so much to do!
4th of July in Upper Arlington, Ohio is a big deal! It's a time for the community to come together to celebrate with a monumental parade, dozens of annual block parties, and conclude the evening with UA’s famous Party in the Park; a nighttime celebration at the center of town with fireworks. The people of Upper Arlington look forward to these annual traditions weeks in advance and even go as far to reserve their spots along the parade route over a week beforehand by putting chairs out on the curb. Early in the morning you can hear members of the Upper Arlington Civic Association driving around in golf carts waking residents up for the kick-off to the parade. Too, families rent golf carts for the stretch of the holiday to hop from party to party. Needless to say, it is a celebration not to be missed! This old-time tradition is a part of Upper Arlington history and each year’s celebration has an essential theme; 2019’s theme is The Best is Yet to Come! 
We too at TBB take our National pride very seriously! And this is why we always specifically design ensembles for the Summer holidays. Everyone is out in their best Independence looks and why would the kids be any different? It's such a big treat to see all the kids running around in their Patriotic styles on the 4th of July. We hope everyone has a star-spangled celebration and look forward to hearing from you! What special traditions do you have for the 4th? 
- XO, The Bella Bean 


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