Dream it. Do it. We launched our wildest dream....our very own business, The Bella Bean, on November 7, 2016. Our online boutique (thebellabeanshop.com) has been a growing success ever since; and it’s all thanks to our loyal customers!

Why a blog? We began this creative outlet as an extension of our brand and to give readers a look behind the scenes! So let’s get started and tell you more about us two ladies that brought our wild dream to life three short years ago!

We are best friends that live in the same town raising five children between our two families. Jack, Kate and Will (Kelly’s kids) are 6, 4 and 1. Lilly and Lydia (Marisa’s daughters) are 5 and 3. Having children staggered in ages, as well as a good mix of boys and girls, gives us a perfect balance of models! We are also fortunate to see how pieces fit on a variety of body types.

We both moved into Upper Arlington, Ohio in 2009. Kelly is originally from Worthington, a nearby suburb, while Marisa grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. We both went to The Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!) graduating in 2006, and spent significant time in the “corporate world” traveling for work, but always had the dream to own our own business. Too, we’ve always had a weak-spot for children’s clothing...especially classic clothing!

Our love for classic clothing and monogramming is deep-seeded. As children we were dressed in preppy clothing which stuck with with us into adulthood. Kelly and her sister both had the exact same initials; her parents did this so that all of Kelly’s monogrammed goodies could be passed down and used again! Marisa loved this ingenious idea and did the same when her second daughter was born!

Kelly actually started “The Bella Bean” a few years prior as a retailer on Etsy, but always dreamed of growing the business. We joined forces in early 2016 to start building the online boutique and designing our own children’s clothing line. As the business has evolved, we’ve been able to add more and more options for your little ones in addition to matching adult pieces! In the beginning we were sending almost all of orders to the South, but today we ship orders all over the United States. And thanks to the growth of social media, our brand too has an international presence.

The concept behind The Bella Bean is simple; we founded the brand on the ideal that we would never sell an item that we wouldn’t wear ourselves or dress our children in. By designing collections of children’s clothing and creatively customizing our selection of adult pieces, we stay true to the mission and keep the boutique stocked with only the finest products and gifts. Quality over quantity is what drives our specially curated collections.

Ever wonder where the name “Bella Bean” came from? Bella was Kelly and her husband John’s beloved golden retriever that was nick-named “Bella Bean”. She was the most amazing dog and you can find her silhouette on all of our labels and marketing pieces!

Customers report consistently that the prices are very reasonable and we take great pride in the craftsmanship of our embroidery. We work hard to impress buyers with high quality at an affordable price. Nearly every item in the shop is under $50 and orders $75+ always ship free.

Our wild dream has come to life and is invigorated every time we see your little ones in clothing we’ve designed. It warms our heart to have all of you apart of the TBB Family!


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