Can you believe it's almost Back to School again? Once again, it seems like the Summer has gone a bit too fast! We're not complaining though. What can we say? We LOVE Harvest season! Fall has the best fashion and some of the best activities of the entire year. Both our families love apple picking, pumpkin patches and of course, trick-or-treating! Halloween is so much fun playing dress up with the kids! Jack, Kelly's son and Marisa's little girl, Lydia both have Fall birthdays so there's even more to celebrate! Both Kelly and Marisa are known for hosting big events during the season and are huge on Thanksgiving. If we're being honest, who isn't? 
When we released Falling into Fall we loved the idea of taking on the classics and adding our own little twists from the fabrics to the colors and even modernizing some traditional styles.This season we worked a lot with the French Knot style which is new for us! You can find it in our Amelia Apple Dress, Alexander Apple Top and Andrew Apple Polo. It's essentially a decorative stitch made by winding the thread one or more times around the needle and drawing the needle back through the material at the point where it came out. We're really happy with the way they turned out! 
We are also really excited to have our own classic cardigans which are super versatile and work for so many outfits, with both boys and girls. We chose four colors for this initial launch and are pleased with the quality of fabric. They look and feel fantastic! 
Our favorite item of the season is the Piper Pumpkin Dress! In the spring we had such popularity with our Daphne pieces that we knew we had to bring the petal concept back so we wanted to try a new spin on the classic petal dress with this Fall outfit. The dress has a combination of orange gingham and brown gingham and our signature style of buttons up the back. But what really makes it special is the intricate embroidered pumpkins on each petal and a center petal left for initial monogramming. We think this will be the most darling piece this Harvest season! 
We are really proud of this collection and we hope you love it too! What's your favorite piece? 
XO, The Bella Bean 


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