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Honeysuckle The Little Bunny Book

Here at The Bella Bean, we sure do love a sweet little book! Written and illustrated by the author, Sierra Jacobson, we are proud to be selling Honeysuckle the Little Bunny.
Honeysuckle the little bunny loves to throw a fancy party. Honeysuckle is a sweet, fanciful friend who delights in baking lovely cakes, creating darling invitations, and hosting wondrous parties - all to show her friends how much she loves them. At Pinky Park, at half-past three, the whimsical bunch of friends, including Scottie the puppy, Gracie the kitten, Toot the bird, Bear the hedgehog, and Sinclair the elegant swan, gather for a party and a sprinkle cake; but, a cloud over head threatens to ruin their day together. As Honeysuckle saddens with the disappearing sunshine, it is her friends who remind her that the reason for the invitations, decorations, and fancy cake, is simply to gather together.
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